Hamilton Volunteer
Fire Department

The Hamilton Volunteer Fire Department held it's first meeting on July 26, 1944 with only 16 members present.

In the monthly November meeting in 1944 a motion was made to begin the search to acquire a fire truck.

In January 1945 a motion was made to write a letter to The Middleburg Fire Company to ask about acquiring their siren. This acquisition wasn't met and in March of 1945 a motion was made to purchase a 3HP siren which was to be mounted on top of the Bucks Service Station.

At the April 1945 monthly meeting a motion was made to purchase a new fire truck and in May, the following month, the request for that new truck through the War Production Board was denied due to the fact that the population wasn't large enough.

In June 1945 the War Production Board did finally allowed the purchase of the new truck.

In October of 1945 a motion was made to find a location for a fire house, and it was noted that the Sanders property was for sale for $2,000.00.

January 1946 was the very first meeting in the new firehouse and the following month, February, the first PEPCO electric bill was paid, the bill was $.20 cents.

In 2006 the Hamilton Volunteer Fire Department and the Hamilton Volunteer Rescue Squad purchased land just outside of the town limits to the east of town. Together the two departments formed the Hamilton Safety Center.