Hamilton Volunteer
Fire Department
Membership Positions Available
Though we are a volunteer fire station we do have county career staffing from 6:00am to 6:00pm 7 days a week. During these times all volunteer members are still eligible to run calls to obtain their membership points. We encourage members to work and run with the career staff to help develop a healthy relationship between all. All operational members will be assigned to a duty crew and required to run 48 hours a month.  Members who are unable to meet duty crew requirements will be worked with to better accommodate their schedule.

Membership Type   Age   Description   Requirements
Cadet Member   14-15   No fire suppression activities permitted.   Activities limited to maintenance, administrative and some training activities.
Junior Member   16-17   Full fire suppression activities permitted pending training & parent/guardian authorization.   Activities dependent upon acceptable school grades each quarter. 
Associate Member   18   Administrative and support positions.   No fire suppression activities required.
Regular Member   18   Full fire suppression activities as well as administrative activities.  
Points System

Each member is required to obtain 80 points throughout the year. Points are received by; attending regular monthly meetings, running calls, attending regular monthly training, fundraising events, holding an administrative position or being an officer.


If you are interested in becoming a member of The Hamilton Volunteer Fire Department, please click here to download the application, fill out the application, and return it to the fire station. If you have any questions regarding the membership or the application process please feel free to Email Us.